A few standards for commercial wiring

The types of wiring under installations are the basis on which commercial electrical work and wiring standards are laid down. For instance, NEC (national electric code) governs the commercial installation of wires. Below mentioned are some standards associated with this type of wiring.

NEC has defined the standard and codes for the commercial wires. The first code says that only electricians with license can carry out such work. It also lays out proper grounds of wiring and the power connections in such business sites as business manage a lot of information and processes, as payments which they can do easily with the use of a pay stub sofware online. This authority is basically concerned with ensuring and protecting public from accidents and electrical shocks.

Standards for telecommunication wiring
The standard for telecommunication wiring is called EIA – 568. This standard is shared with ANSI (American national standards institute) standard 568.  As per these norms, each commercial building must have at minimum two connections for data wiring for telecommunication purpose. The standards also comprises of color coding systems that is implemented in this particular type of commercial wiring.

ISO 11801
This standard was basically for European wring applications. However, as per the ISO 11801 standard, there must be a bond between wiring with the earth as per IEC 60364-1.

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