How to begin with landscape lighting?

Choosing the right landscape lighting design is an excellent way to add functionality and value to your property. Not only it provides a dazzling look to your house but also enhances safety and provides adequate space for recreational activities. Here are a few ideas that will help you in creating an effective as well an appealing landscape design.

1. Figure out the areas that need lighting for safety purposes

Areas such as walkways, slopes and steps need adequate lighting at night. One can light up these areas with low fixtures that scatter light downwards. Make sure that the lights you have selected are easy on eyes.

2. Areas that you want to highlight

Fountains and statues give an elegant look to the garden and when these areas are highlighted, add spark to the entire landscape. You can also add other areas in the list of places that need focus.

3. Selecting elegant as well as functional lights

Torches, poles and bollards add aesthetic appeal to the garden as well as the landscape.

Depending upon the feel and look, you expect from your landscape, there are varieties of options that you can choose from.

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